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WHEEL-E | Programmable Robot System

I am developing a Robotics Course with your support!

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An affordable, easy-to-use, fun little robot developed as an intro to programming, electronics, and robotics for all ages (11+). He is simple enough for beginners, while including plenty of features to entertain even the most tech-savvy users.

With your support, I'm working on a comprehensive set of introductory lessons to the subjects of programming, electronics, and robotics!

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What is the WHEEL-E project?

I wanted to develop an introductory-level Series of Tutorials covering the subjects of robotics, electronics, and programming. Pre-ordering the hardware, WHEEL-E, already developed in collaboration with XiaoR Geek, supports my efforts and allows me to spend more time in the documentation side of things!

Why are you using pre-orders for WHEEL-E instead of regular orders?

The pre-order process also allows me to gauge interest in the product without making a large monetary investment. It also gives me some buffer that allows me to place larger orders from our manufacturers. This helps lowering costs and batching order shipments, making the logistics easier for a small business like ACROBOTIC!

When will I receive my WHEEL-E?

Different than my previous crowdfunding campaigns (https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/acrobotic), the hardware for WHEEL-E is completely done. It was developed in collaboration with a Shenzhen-based electronics manufacturer over the past year. With the hardware out of the way, I can now focus on writing firmware and posting tutorials featuring different examples on how to use the hardware.

Because the hardware is 100% done, I will be shipping out this orders within 3 weeks of the campaign finishing!

Where can I find more information about WHEEL-E?

As mentioned, although the hardware is completely done, the user guides for WHEEL-E are a work in progress. The best way to stay current with the most recent developments on the project is by joining the site's Newsletter and subscribing to my YouTube channel!

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