5V Switching Power Supply (10A)

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This is a beefy switching supply, for when you need a lot of power!  The 5VDC output is perfect for applications that use a bunch of NeoPixels/WS2812B (art installations) or motors (CNC projects)!

It can supply 5VDC up to 10 Amps, running from 110/220VAC power.  It comes with the standard plug for US/Canada/Japan, but you can either use a plug adapter for your country, or you can replace the cable with a standard figure-8 one.

The 5VDC output connects to a center-positive 2.1mm barrel jack (DC plug).  Using a plug-and-play supply like this one is more convenient than trying to modify an ATX power supply.  Particularly because it's smaller, quieter, and has a plug on it ready to go (no soldering required!).