ACROBOTIC ESP8266 WeMos D1 Mini MicroSD Card Shield

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The WeMos D1 Mini family of boards is one of the latest additions to the ESP8266-based IoT ecosystem. The WeMos D1 Mini MicroSD Card Shield includes an adapter for using a high-capacity storage MicroSD (TF) card.

The WeMos D1 Mini MicroSD Card Shield is designed so that pins D5 (CLK), D6 (MISO), D7 (MOSI) are connected to the SPI pins on the MicroSD adapter. As for the CS pin, it's connected to pin D4 by default, but the back of the board has solder pads to connect it to D0, D1, D2, D3, D8, or GND instead. This is useful if you're using D4 for another purpose. There are plenty of existing libraries to work with this (standard) MicroSD adapter especially uf you're using the Arduino Software. This board provides an easy way to add high-capacity storage to data-intensive projects such as data logging, storing/displaying images, etc.

What makes the WeMos family of development boards for the ESP8266 great is the availability of stackable, plug-and-play shields such as this WeMos D1 Mini MicroSD Card Shield. Without much fuss, it's very easy to connect, control, and monitor a wide variety of electronic components to the ESP8266. The WeMos family is a great solution for building projects quickly using the ESP8266 SoC.

Different users have different applications for the WeMos shields, thus we've found that the easiest way to please everyone is to ship the boards with the headers unsoldered. Each board in this kit includes a pair of Male, Female, Long Female pin headers for you to choose. Soldering is required for installing the header pins!


  • MicroSD control pins connected to pins: D5 (CLK), D6 (MISO), D7 (MOSI), D4 (Default CS; configurable)
  • Push-pull adapter with small overhang from the edge of the PCB so the card is easy to insert and remove
  • Breaks out all the WeMos pins for easy access when stacked on top of/below the WeMos D1 Mini V2

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