ACROBOTIC Mounting Plate for Arduino Mega

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This acrylic plate is great for protecting your electronics, and big enough to fit a Half-Sized Solderless Breadboard right next to your Arduino Mega Board. The plate measures 3mm (~1/8in) thick, 114mm (~4.5in) long and 108mm (~4.25in) wide at its widest point, and comes with all the necessary hardware to easily and securely mount your Arduino Uno. It also includes a set of 4 rubber 'bumpers' which prevent the plate from sliding around on your work desktop or work surface.

This product is cut and engraved in-house here at ACROBOTIC. Please note that this plate is meant to hold an Arduino Mega 2560. We have a similar listing for the Arduino Uno R3, which can be found at: Mounting Plate for Arduino Uno.

What's included?

  • 1×3mm (~1/8") thick engraved acrylic plate (various colors available)
  • 8×4-40 3/16" machine screws for attaching your Arduino
  • 4×4-40 7/16" aluminum hex stand-offs
  • 4×rubber bumpers (keeps the plate from slipping)
  • 1×half-size (400-point) breadboard (optional)