Pan and Tilt Camera Mount with Micro Servos

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This pre-assembled Pan and Tilt mount can rotate/pan ~180° from side to side, and it can also tilt up and down ~150° using two independently controlled servos. The mount comes fully assembled so you're able to use it right out of the box! The two included TowerPro SG90 Micro Servos only need a 'standard' PWM signal from a microcontroller to work, and move around any object (e.g., camera, sensor) that you attach to the 38×36mm mounting space. An easy way to affix devices to the mounting space is by using 3D-printed attachments as couplers!

Becasue the motors are plain, everyday, analog servos, you can use any microcontroller or driver to actuate them. The simplicity of this mount allows you to quickly come to grips of what's involved in making an object move. The pan and tilt mechanism provides a straight-forward way to add up-down and left-right motion to your projects!

The quickest way to get started using this mount is with a PWM-cable Arduino board, and the default Arduino Servo library, which is included with the latest versions of the Arduino IDE. We offer a 3d-printed attachment to easily mount our Tiny-Sized USB Camera/Webcam!