Smart Citizen Kit: 3D-Printed Enclosure

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This is the first iteration of a full-body enclosure for the Smart Citizen System. The slot on near the rear of the enclosure allows to strap it onto a mounting surface (e.g., tree or street lamp) using a cable-tie. We currently offer them in 3 different colors: Blue, Black, and Red! This product is 3D-printed here at Acrobotic out of ABS-plastic, which isn't suitable for withstanding severe climate conditions such as snow, intense rains, and prolonged exposure to high temperatures!

The .stl files to 3D-print your own enclosure can be downloaded from the Thingiverse repository of the project. Use the Schematic link above to access them, and please feel encouraged to send us pictures of your re-mixed version.

Indoor vs. Outdoor applications

If the intended use of the Smart Citizen is indoors, then the Laser-Cut Enclosure suffices.