Smart Citizen Kit: Laser-Cut Enclosure

Regular price $15.00

This neat-looking, clear acrylic, laser-cut enclosure was designed to protect the Smart Citizen Kit's hardware. It also allows us to switch between a vertical and horizontal orientation without worrying about the device easily tumbling over.

The enclosure consists of 2 cover plates that are held rigidly in place using standoffs and phillips head screws. The top plate is engraved to indicate the location of the sensors on the circuit board, and it has a couple of holes right above the CO/NO2 sensor and the microphone. The bottom plate has a couple of mounting holes (inch-spacing) that allow the Smart Citizen Kit's hardware to be easily affixed to different surfaces.

Indoor vs. Outdoor applications

If the intended use of the Smart Citizen is outdoors, then the 3D-Printed Enclosure is required as it will offer greater protection against weather elements. All in all, this enclosure is a great accessory for using the Smart Citizen Kit indoors.