ACROBOTIC 5mm WS2812B RGB LED (Through-Hole, Diffused) | 5-Pack | NeoPixel-Compatible

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This 5-pack of through-hole WS2812B provides an excellent way to add some 'pizazz' to your electronics projects! The 4 pins allow you to plug them right into your breadboard, making it super easy to get started.

And, if you like WS2812B strips you'll definitely love these 5mm diffused through-hole versions. You can use them to make a long chain that can be controlled using only 1 pin from your microcontroller and your favorite Arduino library (NeoPixel, FastLED, etc.).

Each LED looks like a standard 4-pin, through-hole 5mm RGB LED, however instead of having individually controlled red/green/blue LEDs inside, there's a little chip that receives a high-speed PWM signal, which determines the LED color out of the more than 16 million possibilities!

To get started, power them using 5VDC and chain them together by tying the Data-Out pin of one to the Data-in of the next one in the chain. Note that these use "RGB" instead of the "GRB" format that's the default in most libraries, so you'll need to look at examples on how to adjust it to get the right colors!


  • 5-pack of 5mm, diffused, through-hole, ultra-bright WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • 4-pin package: 5VDC, GND, Data In, and Data Out
  • Multiple LEDs can be chained by tying Data Out and Data In pins (see guide below!)
  • Fully addressable LEDs allow for individual control of color and brightness
  • Through-hole pins make it easy to use on breadboards and protoboards

These fantastic LEDs are very fast and responsive, also the diffused color will add a gorgeous glow to your project! We have written useful guides for getting you started with creating fantastic lighting animations, check them out in our Learning site!

Please note that these awesome LEDs are manufactured by WorldSemi, and are known in the Maker community as NeoPixels.