ACROBOTIC WS2812B 16×16 Panel (Flexible PCB) | NeoPixel-Compatible

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This 16×16-pixel matrix provides an excellent arrangement of WS2812B RGB smart LEDs for use in any electronics project. The array pattern of individually controlled LEDs allows us to to create incredible lighting displays for data visualization, status indication, and many more tasks!

These matrices are 18×18cm in size and carry 16×16 ultra-bright WS2812B LEDs. We include a pair of the standard JST connector (1 male and 1 female) so that you can connect multiple matrices in a row, or even other WS2812B products such as our rings or flexible strips!

Each LED is positioned at an equal distance from the two adjacent LEDs, and can be controlled using only 1 pin from your microcontroller and your favorite Arduino library (NeoPixel, FastLED, etc.).


  • 18×18cm PCB carrying 256 (16×16) ultra-bright WS2812B RGB LEDs
  • Flexible, black PCB with 4 pins on each side (on its back) for 5VDC, GND, Data In, and Data Out
  • 1×Female-Male Pair of JST-SM Wires included
  • Multiple matrices can be interconnected using the included 3-pin JST connectors
  • Fully addressable LEDs allow for individual control of color and brightness

Please note that these awesome LEDs are manufactured by WorldSemi, and are known in the Maker community as NeoPixels.