MC7805 Linear Voltage Regulator (5V Output)

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The MC7805 is a great solution to step down any power supply with a voltage greater than 7V (up to 35V) to a regulated 5V so you can power your microcontroller, servo motors, or any other 5V capable, electronic device you may have. This component comes in a TO-220 package, ready for use in your breadboards, protoboards, and PCBs.

The MC7805 is a three-terminal positive voltage regulator with a 5V fixed output voltage. It provides a local regulation, internal current limiting, and thermal shut-down control for your project. The maximum current output is 1.5A.

For most typical applications, the MC7805 only requires 2 capacitors for stable operation. Depending on the power requirements, a couple 100nF ceramic capacitors could be used for lower power applications while 10uF electrolytic capacitors could be used for higher power applications.