Sanwa-Compatible Arcade Ball Handle Joystick (4- or 8-way)

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This is a high-quality joystick suited for metal or wood control panels. The looks of it are easily customizable as the ball top can be removed and replaced with any color (Sanwa-compatible) ball tops. It's a truly superior-quality joystick that can operate in a 4-or 8-way configuration using the included restrictor plate. Its short travel and light spring pressure make it ideal for executing special moves quicker, and inputing the commands correctly under tight timing constraints.

This joystick is not only suitable for Arcade machines, but also works great as a joystick controller for different platforms. However, unlike potentiometer-based thumbsticks, this joystick uses snap microswitches which give directional control (on/off) but not a proportional output (i.e., not sensitive to small movements).


This joystick will arrive set in the standard 8-way mode, but to change it to 4-way mode, simply:

  • Remove the plastic restrictor plate from the bottom of the joystick
  • Looking at the bottom of the plate, place two fingers underneath the plate and push the center ring slightly towards you (center ring will lift upwards)
  • With the center ring is lifted, rotate in a clockwise direction 45 degrees and the ring will then lock into the 4-way position
  • If needed to change back to the 8-way position just simply reverse the ring direction and it will lock back into the 8-way position