3.7V Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery (1000mAh)

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Measuring less than 1/4-inch in thickness, these slim, lightweight, rechargeable batteries include the latest Lithium ion polymer chemistry, which provides them with the highest energy density currently available. The single cell in this product listing is capable of outputting 4.2V when fully charged, ramping down to the nominal 3.7V at a maximum discharge rate of 500mAh. We also carry a bigger-sized, 2300mAh version.

Due to a lack of consistency in the 2-Pin connectors from the manufacturers of these batteries, we're assembling them ourselves using original parts from JST Mfg. Co. This makes for a smooth fit into any compatible board such as the WeMos Battery Shield (no tugging or yanking is necessary).

These are Lithium-Ion batteries, which have high energy-densities and cost less than Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries.

These batteries include circuitry that protects them from either being over-charged (voltage greater than 4.2V) or over-used (voltage less than 3.0V). When the battery is (dis)charged to either extreme, the circuitry cuts-off the battery completely. The protection circuitry also impedes the battery from discharging completely if/when its two terminals become shorted. Nonetheless, important care should be taken when using these batteries so please confer to Safety Notes below!

Safety Notes

When working with Lithium ion polymer batteries and pretty much any other power source some familiarity with power devices is required to avoid bodily injury or property damage. In particular, remember that in those rare occasions when power sources are mishandled they can explode or become very, very hot (sometimes even combust) so please keep in mind:

  • We suggest charging at 1/2C or even less—in this case 500mA max (a USB port works well as it can provide a maximum of 500mA).
  • Only use a Li-Ion/Li-Poly constant-voltage/constant-current chargers with a recharge rate of 500mA or less. Never use other chemistry-type (e.g., Ni-MH, Ni-Cad, Lead-acid) battery chargers with these batteries.
  • Do not short, bend, crush, puncture, or abuse in any other form these batteries.
  • Although these batteries can tolerate a peak 2.0C discharge rate, take under account that the wiring and connectors are only rated up to 1A.