ACROBOTIC 8-bit ADC/DAC Breakout Board (PCF8591)

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As you pursue more advanced tinkering projects, especially those involving analog sensors (e.g., thermistors, photoresistors, microphones), it's easy to run out of Analog Input channels on 'standard' microcontroller development boards like the Arduino Uno. Moreover, most of these entry-level boards lack true Analog Output channels. Although you do have the option of using a more complex board for the project, there are inexpensive, modular alternatives for expanding the available Analog Input/Output channels!

The PCF8591 8-bit A/D and D/A converter (datasheet) module operates on 3.3~5V so it can be used with most popular microcontroller development boards (e.g., Arduino UNO, Arduino DUE) or single-board computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone).

The ADC on the PCF8591 has a resolution of 8-bits, so it can read up to 4 independent signal values between 0V and Vref in increments of Vref/255. Similarly, the 8-bit DAC can generate one signal whose values range between 0V~Vref (reference voltage) in 255 steps. We have also included on this board a temperature and a light sensor that are selectable using pin jumpers; these work great for testing out the code for acquiring Analog Input measurements from physical sensors!

As with all of our Breakout Boards the pin headers are included, but they're not soldered in to allow for different use cases!


  • I2C Address: 0x90 (8-bit, so you might need to >> 1 on your Arduino!)
  • 4-Channel 8-bit ADC
  • 1-Channel 8-bit DAC
  • Onboard temperature sensor (use a pin jumper on P3)
  • Onboard light sensor (use a pin jumper on P4)