ACROBOTIC Robocar Raspberry Pi Kit

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The ACROBOTIC Robocar is an Open-Source kit to build a self-driving platform for small-scale cars. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi and a wide-angle Raspberry Pi camera, it allows driving a scaled, wheeled vehicle with a phone or laptop and recording images, steering angles and throttles. Recorded data can then be used to train neural nets for autonomous driving in different environments.

ACROBOTIC Robocar Is A Multi-Purpose Hardware Electronics Platform

Whereas the computational hardware is fixed for the ACROBOTIC Robocar, we offer four different vehicles varying in size, speed, maneuverability, and price. All the platforms include a Raspberry Pi computer, camera, vehicle hardware, and utilize the same software, thus all educational modules detailed below can be covered using any of them.

ACROBOTIC Robocar comes in 4 different models

Educational Modules

The ACROBOTIC Robocar's was developed as a platform for a hands-on study of Computer Vision and Machine Learning, specifically the use of Reinforcement Learning algorithms on image data for the purpose of navigating a race track as fast as possible while staying within specified bounds.

DIY Robocars Race Meetup

However, the onboard software and electronic hardware are incredibly flexible, which allows studying several other subjects in addition to the main application of the platform. Namely:

  • Computer networking: exploring remote management, command-line utilities, server configuration, and other tools in unix-based environments
  • Web design and development: front-end, back-end, and full stack
  • Internet of Things: monitoring and controlling electronic hardware over the internet
  • Digital Electronics: using digital signals for communicating with electronic hardware
  • Physical Computing: interacting with the physical world with sensor and actuators
  • Computer Vision: gathering and processing of digital images
  • Robotics: using feedback control for closed-loop navigation
  • Mobile app development: building native mobile apps for monitoring and controlling electronic hardware

The ACROBOTIC Robocar Platform Allows For Multiple Applications

Each of these subjects have been tried and tested using the resources included in the kit, as well as with additional electronic components available on this site. Each subject of study includes a comprehensive set of exercises that take the user all the way from unboxing the kit to deploying different applications that vary in complexity throughout the module.

Parts Included

The four different models of the ACROBOTIC Robocar Kit include all the parts necessary for getting the platform up and running. Even though the individual component specifications vary across models, how their overall operation remains the same. All four (4) ACROBOTIC Robocar Kit models are comprised by:

  • Vehicle: chassis, motors, wheels, speed controller, steering mechanism, and all the mounting hardware necessary
  • Sensing: Raspberry Pi 1280x720 pixel resolution HD camera with wide-angle lens
  • Computation: Raspberry Pi single-board computer, microSD card with pre-loaded software
  • Additional tools required for assembly
  • Plastic carrying case
  • A comprehensive user guide (video) with all the steps needed to get started with the project.

Parts included in all ACROBOTIC Robocar Kit models

Getting Started

Instructor-led training sessions can be arranged with one of our specialists. Please contact directly to schedule an appointment.

Assembly Time: 30~60 min

Tools Required: all the necessary tools for assembly are included in the kit. To get started with programming the ACROBOTIC Robocar, users will need access to a computer with a WiFi connection running either Windows, Mac OSX (recommended), or Linux.

 More details coming soon.