Full-Size Solderless Breadboard (830-Point)

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This is a standard, full-size, solderless breadboard that carries 2 power buses and 2 sets of 5-column 63-row sections for a total of 830 tie-in points. The spacing between the sockets is the standard 0.1in. The gap between the two sets of columns is the standard 0.3in. The gap allows for straddling Dual Inline Package chips like the ATmega328p, or our 6mm×6mm push buttons. For using the board, we recommend using solid-core wires with a gauge in the range 29–20AWG.

The self-adhesive on the back allows us to mount the board to a panel or inside an enclosure, please note that once the board is affixed it may be a bit hard to remove so plan ahead :) These boards are quite modular, so on all four sides you'll find interlocking parts that allow you to connect several of them to one another. Their size is 2.2in wide by 6.5in long, with a height of 0.33in (54.29mm×165.1mm×8.5mm). You can pull the power rails off to make the breadboard as thin as 1.4in (3.5cm).