3-Pin Screw Terminal Block (3.5mm) | 5-Pack

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In the process of wiring our prototypes on a solderless breadboard, we often need to secure a few of the connections. Whether it's for power, communication line, or any other wire that we want to have robustly affixed to the circuit, these screw terminal blocks provide a great solution.

These are 3.5mm-spaced blocks, a size that offers the advantage of accepting thick wire gauges and providing more space between the cables we connect to them. In order to use blocks this size on 0.1"-spaced (2.54mm) breadboards and perf/proto-boards we simply rotate them by 45 degrees as pictured above! These are very robust terminals rated at 10A and 125V, so they make a great addition to most projects.

These blocks include a great feature that allows us to have as many connections as we want: interlocking sides. That is, they snap to one another side by side. As we also carry a 2-pin version of these blocks, any combination of the two types will accommodate (securely) as many wires in our circuit as we need!