Premium Jumper Wires Female/Female (100mm) | 10-Pack

Regular price $2.75

These are 100mm long jumpers with female connectors on both ends. Use these to jumper from any male header on any board, to any other male header. Combine these with our male to male jumpers to create a male to female jumper. Multiple jumpers can be installed next to one another on a 0.1in header.

The high quality of these jumper wires will save you a lot of time and frustration when breadboarding and prototyping. No need for wire strippers, running into trouble due to the flaky connections of the standard, soft-rubber cables in most Starter Electronic Kits! These wires allow you to connect your Arduino to sensors directly or jump to a breadboard for more space and flexibility. The pack comes with 10 premium jumper wires, 100mm each.


  • 2×red
  • 2×black
  • 2×yellow
  • 2×green
  • 2×purple