3.5mm Audio Jack (TRS) Breakout Board

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This breakout board presents the most convenient way for adding an audio jack to our projects! Seeking maximum convenience, we've included mounting holes, screw terminals, and 0.1"-spaced pins in the design. The mounting holes allow us to affix the board to panels or enclosures using standoffs and 4-40 screws. The screw terminals come in handy for wiring the audio signals to their corresponding connections, and the 0.1"-spaced pins allow for connecting the Audio Jack Breakout Board to a breadboard with ease.

Please note that the pin headers for this breakout board are not included, and that the 3.5mm screw terminals are pre-installed (soldered) so that the Breakout Board is ready to use right out-of-the-box!


This sample diagram shows how the audio plug is broken out to the different pins on the board:

Diagram of Audio Jack Breakout Board Connections

Typically, for stereo audio the Tip and Tip Switch pins are connected to the left channel whereas the Ring and Ring Switch pins are connected to; the Sleeve pin is connected to ground, which is common between the two channels. The Normally Closed (NC) Switch pins are connected to the Tip and Ring pins, respectively. The switch between the latter and their corresponding shunt pins is opened when a plug is inserted.