ACROBOTIC WS2812B RGB 8-LED Ring | Orb-8 | NeoPixel-Compatible

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Our RGB LED Orbs are ring-shaped PCBs that carry the widely popular WS2812B Smart RGB LEDs. Their small form factor makes it easy to add lighting to any electronics project. Whether it is for status indication, progress updates, or even showing the time, the circular arrangement of LEDs is quite useful.

As in all WS2812B RGB LED products, all the LEDs onboard are individually addressable. Each individual LED carries a 20mA constant-current driver that guarantees consistency of the displayed color under voltage variations. Although we recommend using a 5VDC supply, we've successfully tested their operation in the 4~6.5VDC range!

The Orb-8 is 32mm (1.26in) in diameter, and carries 8 of these ultra bright WS2812B RGB LEDs. Each LED is positioned at an equal distance from the two adjacent LEDs, and can be controlled using only 1 pin from your microcontroller and your favorite Arduino library (NeoPixel, FastLED, etc.).

The listing includes a Male-Female pair of JST 3-Pin Connector Cables for making it easy to connect them to your projects!


The Orb-8 features 4 through-hole connections for power, ground, data input for the single control line from a microcontroller or single-board computer, and data output for connecting any other WS2812B product (e.g., strips, breakout boards, arrays). The through-hole connections on the board allow you to easily use any conductive material (like our conductive thread) to connect it to a battery or power source, as well as other WS2812B RGB LEDs!

Please note that these awesome LEDs are manufactured by WorldSemi, and are known in the Maker community as NeoPixels.