ACROBOTIC WS2812 RGB LED Breakout Board | 4-Pack | NeoPixel-Compatible

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A 4-pack of tiny breakout boards that allow us to easily connect several WS2812 RGB LEDs, and control them all using a single digital output pin from a microcontroller or SoC like the ones on an Arduino or Raspberry Pi single-board computer, respectively.

The layout of these breakout boards was made so that it could easily be mounted on any solderless breadboard. These LED can be controlled using only 1 pin from your microcontroller and your favorite Arduino library (NeoPixel, FastLED, etc.).

Diagram of WS2812 RGB LED Breakout Board Connections

As with all of our Breakout Boards the pin headers are included, but they're not soldered in to allow for different use cases!

After soldering either the included breakaway male pin headers or 20~28AWG wires, we're ready to start controlling the mounted WS2812 RGB LED using our microcontroller of choice. This breakout board allows us to get a quick start when using surface-mount WS2812 RGB LEDs!

Please note that these awesome LEDs are manufactured by WorldSemi, and are known in the Maker community as NeoPixels.