SevenFortyFun: A DIY Kit For Building a 741 Op-Amp

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The SevenFortyFun is a real, working op-amp that you can build by connecting the discrete versions of the transistors and resistors inside the original ?A741 Integrated Circuit.

This Open-Source Kit was designed in collaboration with maker Shane Petcavich from Open Analog, an organization focused on bringing an understanding of Analog Electronics to the hobbyist community through the production of discrete-component versions of traditional analog Integrated Circuits.

This Kit, dubbed the 'SevenFortyFun', is Open Analog's first release and aims to demistify the inner workings of one of the keystone analog Integrated Cirtcuits: the 741 Op-Amp. It includes all the discrete components used in the original schematic from the original Fairchild μA741 datasheet. After soldering the transistors, resistors, and capacitor, you'll have a functional version of the 741 Op-Amp, and thus you'll be ready to start using it as you would any standard IC.

To make tinkering with the SevenFortyFun Kit more practical, we included in the design both custom Screw Terminals that can easily be used with alligator clip cables, as well as an 8-pin breakout PC board which connects to the main PC Board using a ribbon cable. This small footprint board allows you to easily prototype any circuit using a solderless breadboard!