SHT10 Digital Soil Temperature/Humidity Sensor (Waterproof)

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The fantastic SHT10 soil temperature and humidity sensor (datasheet) comes enclosed in a weatherproof-but-permeable casing that allows it to measure the conditions of soil while being resilient to damage by changes in the environment. The casing prevents water from reaching the sensor even when completely submerged, but it allows air to pass through for measuring temperature and humidity. It's imperative, however, to limit submersions to 1 hour or less at a time.

Because the measured data is transmitted digitally, there is no signal degradation over long distances. The protocol used for data transmission is a 2-Wire proprietary one from Sensirion (datasheet) that can co-exist with I2C: "The sensor cannot be addressed by I2C protocol; however, the sensor can be connected to an I2C bus without interference with other devices connected to the bus." 

Fortunately, libraries are widely available for almost every platform in the DIY Electronics market.  The sensors are very accurate (±0.5°C and 4.5% over much of the measurement range) and the onboard digital-to-analog converter has a 14-bit resolution.

Whereas the sensor can measure up to 120°C, the PVC cable will start breaking down at temperatures above 100°C.  They work great with any microcontroller or single-board computer using a couple of digital pins.  Even though the sensor has a 3-bit address, and it can co-exist with devices on an I2C bus, multiple ones cannot be connected to the same pins.  Multiple SHT10 sensors can share a clock, but each one needs to be connected to its own digital pin for data.

A 10KΩ resistor needs to be connected between DATA and VCC as a pull-up, which increases the reliability of the communication between the microcontroller or single-board computer and this sensor.  To start gathering data, you'll need to make use of one of the SHT10 libraries available for your platform.


  • Usable temperature range: –40~120°C and 0~100% RH
  • Resolution: 14-bit
  • Communication: 2-Wire protocol
  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C in the range –10~85°C and 4.5% in the entire RH range
  • Operating Voltage: 3.0~5.5V (power/data)