ACROBOTIC 6 DOF 3-Axis Gyroscope + 3-Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board (MPU6050/GY-521)

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Want to read rotational and translational accelerations along all axis? Then the MPU6050 (datasheet) is the sensor for you! By combining a MEMS 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer on the same silicon die together with an onboard Digital Motion Processor™ (DMP™) capable of processing complex 9-axis MotionFusion algorithms, the MPU-6050 does away with the cross-axis alignment problems that can creep up on discrete parts.

This breakout board makes it easy to connect this sensor to your microcontroller board or single-board computer such as Arduino, ESP8266, BeagleBone or Raspberry Pi! The four pins correspond to power (VCC, GND) and I2C communication (SDA, SCL). We've included in our design pull-up resistors on the I2C lines as customary.

As with all of our Breakout Boards the pin headers are included, but they're not soldered in to allow for different use cases!


  • I2C digital-output of 6 or 9-axis MotionFusion data in rotation matrix, quaternion, Euler Angle, or raw data format
  • Power Supply: 3.3~5VDC (onboard low dropout regulator)
  • Tri-Axis angular rate sensor (gyro) with a sensitivity up to 131 LSBs/dps and a full-scale range of ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000dps
  • Tri-Axis accelerometer with a programmable full scale range of ±2g, ±4g, ±8g and ±16g
  • This breakout PCB facilitates using the MPU6050, specially on solderless breadboards!
  • Sturdy (1.6mm), blue PCB with an 8-pin header on one side (Vdd, Vss, SDA, and SCL)
  • 8-Pin header included (requires soldering!)