ACROBOTIC Arduino Breadboard Kit (Breaduino, Breadboarduino)

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We’ve put together all the parts you will need including an ATmega328 pre-loaded with a bootloader that gives different options for uploading your code onto the device. Once assembled, the Arduino-compatible device can be programmed in a similar way than a regular Arduino.


  • Colored 170-Point Breadboard (1 piece, choice of color using drop-down menu)
  • Jumper Wire Kit (1 set)
  • ATmega328 with Optiboot bootloader (1 piece)
  • 22pF Capacitors (2 pieces)
  • 16MHz Crystal (1 piece)
  • Tactile Switch (1 piece)
  • 330Ohm Resistor (1 pieces)
  • 1KOhm Resistor (2 pieces)
  • 10KOhm Resistor (1 piece)
  • Super Bright Amber 5mm LED (1 piece)
  • Super Bright Blue 5mm LED (1 piece)


  • Power Supply Kit: 9V battery connector, wires, DC-DC converter (LM2596)