Foot Pedal DSLR Camera Trigger

For those of us doing tabletop photography for creating detailed tutorials about DIY electronics, there comes a time where we need to use both hands to perform a task that needs to be photographed (e.g., soldering a component).  Unless you have a second person in the room, it takes some creativity to capture these shots.  One of the best solutions we've found is this DIY foot pedal, which will trigger a DSLR camera when pressed.

Although it's possible to modify the commercially available GH series remote to add a foot pedal, I wanted to create a more streamlined solution. The GH5 remote has a few resistors in it, which makes it a bit more involved to DIY than, a Canon shutter remote, for example. I looked it up, and sure enough, the switch contact is held high at about 41.1K ohms, and the shutter triggers when the switch brings it down to about 2.2K ohms. Resistor values add up when put in series, and some experimentation shows you can successfully deviate a bit on the resistor values (try what you have that's close).

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