5mm Super Bright Infrared (IR) LEDs (350mcd; 940nm) | 10-Pack


  • 10×5mm super-bright infrared (IR) PTH LEDs
  • Packaged inside T1 5mm clear lens
  • 920~965nm (940mm peak) wavelength and 20-degree viewing angle
  • 20~85mcd at 20~100mA intensity. 1.2~1.4V forward-voltage


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Whether we’re artists, designers, professional makers, or hobbyists, we can’t help but be hopelessly drawn to projects that emit light. Because of their low cost, safety, and easiness to operate, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) represent the best choice for using light in any project.

Thanks in part to the rounded lens, these super bright LED offers superior light output for dependable performance. These 5mm, highly-durable LEDs provide extremely stable light output over long periods of time. The lamps are made with an advanced optical-grade epoxy that offers superior performance as well as very high resistance to both temperature and humidity for outdoor signal and sign applications.

These LEDs emit infrared (IR) light in the IR spectrum (not visible to the human eye) so they are great for projects where light-detection is needed but we don’t want the measurements to be corrupted by visible light. For example, alarms, elevator door safeguards, etc. They are quite bright (~80mcd) considering the part of the spectrum where they operate; the viewing angle is about 20 degrees.

They are easy to use with solderless breadboards, and typical applications include remote controls (the little LED in the part you point at your TV), ‘night-vision’ cameras, beam-breaking detection, and more! They come in a pack of ten (10) to add more IR blinky-ness to your projects.

Please wear proper eye protection when using these LEDs!


  • T1 5mm clear lens
  • 920~965nm (940mm peak) wavelength
  • 20~85mcd at 20~100mA intensity
  • 1.2~1.4V forward-voltage
  • 20-degree viewing angle

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