Flex-C-Friend USB-C Power For TS100 Soldering Iron by Brian Lough


  • USB-C PD Power Interface for the TS100 Soldering Iron
  • Onboard switch allows to select 20V or 15V operation
  • Flexible, heat-resistant XT60 to Barrel Jack Cable included
  • Designed in Ireland by Brian Lough (pronounced “lock”)
  • Documentation: https://acrobotic.com/docs/flex-c-friend
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The incredibly popular TS100 soldering iron is great for its portability and performance. However, powering it can sometimes be tricky due to its relatively high current requirements (legacy USB interfaces aren’t suitable). An ideal solution comes from the latest USB interface, USB-C, which is capable of meeting the power requirements of the TS100.

The Flex-C-Friend is an open source external module for the TS100 soldering iron that allows you to power the Iron from a USB-C Power Delivery PSU, including compatible battery banks. For ensuring proper functioning, it makes use of an XT60 to Barrel Jack Cable (included in this listing), which offers great flexibility—allowing you to maneuver the soldering iron freely—and heat resistance, a necessary quality in soldering applications.


The Flex-C-Friend is designed to work with USB-C Power Delivery supplies. Power Delivery (PD) is a specific type of standard for USB-C PSUs, it will usually be labeled on the product listing and on the side/bottom of the PSU.

PD supplies can support a range of different voltage levels, and to ensure compatibility with most PD supplies, the Flex-C-Friend has a switch that allows you to configure what voltage is requested from the PSU.


  • If your Power Supply supports 20V with 2.4A or more, set the onboard switch to 20V, or, if it supports 15V with 1.8A or more, set the switch to 15V
  • XT60 to Barrel Jack Cable included
  • Designed in Ireland by Brian Lough (pronounced “lock”)


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March 31, 2017


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