ACROBOTIC Robocar: Driving Robot for Raspberry Pi


  • Educational wheeled (driving) robot powered by Raspberry Pi
  • Great introductory platform for robotics enthusiasts integrating 1 camera sensor, 4 motors, and 1 controller
  • Programmable over the internet or by connecting the Raspberry Pi to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Code examples available for getting started!
  • Easy to assemble using the included screwdriver, and customize by modding the hardware and software files



This listing is for the full kit including both the electronic components as well as the laser-cut parts needed to build an ACROBOTIC Robocar wheeled robot!

What is Robocar?

The ACROBOTIC Robocar is an Open-Source kit to build a self-driving platform for small-scale cars. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi and a wide-angle Raspberry Pi camera, it allows driving a scaled, wheeled vehicle with a phone or laptop and recording images, steering angles and throttles. Recorded data can then be used to train neural nets for autonomous driving in different environments.


Robocar is Open-Source, so all the software (based on DonkeyCar) and hardware files are available online (on the project’s Github repo). Using the onboard Raspberry Pi, it can be easily programmed from any computer to get images from the camera and control the motors to navigate the surroundings.

What’s included?

The Kit includes all parts necessary to assemble (assembly required!) a fully functional Robocar with one exception: you’ll need 2×18650 batteries. It includes:

  • Computation: Raspberry Pi single-board computer (model 3B+), 16GB microSD card with pre-loaded software and USB adapater
  • Vehicle: chassis, motors, wheels, speed controller, steering mechanism, and all the mounting hardware necessary
  • Sensing: Raspberry Pi 1280×720 pixel resolution HD camera with wide-angle lens
  • Tools required for assembly
  • A comprehensive user guide (video) with all the steps needed to get started with the project

Visit the project’s Github repository for detailed assembly and use guides:

In a separate listing, you can find the same kit *without* the Raspberry Pi 3B+ at a lower price!

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 3 inches

Item Weight

4 ounces




4 AA batteries required.




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