OTTO DIY Walking Robot For Arduino (Electronics-only Kit)


  • Educational bipedal (walking) robot powered by Arduino
  • Great introductory platform for robotics enthusiasts integrating 1 sensor, 4 motors, 1 speaker, and 1 controller
  • Programmable via USB using beginner-friendly software. Code examples available for walking, dancing, singing, and avoiding obstacles
  • Easy to assemble using the included screwdriver, and customize by modding the CAD and software files


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This listing is for the kit of electronic components needed to build an Otto DIY robot, we also sell the Full Kit, which includes the 3d-printed parts!

Who is Otto?

Formally, Otto is a bipedal robot that you build and program to perform a few different tasks. It is a great platform for getting started with Arduino and Robotics quickly and using very few components.


Otto is Open-Source, Arduino-compatible, and 3d-printable two-legged robot. Using your computer’s USB port, it can be easily programmed from any computer to walk, dance, sing, and avoid obstacles.

What’s included?

The Electronics Kit is meant for people with access to a 3d-printer, and who want to print their own Otto. It includes:

  • 4×Micro servo motors (SG90 9g)
  • 4×4mm screws (short)
  • 8×8mm screws (pointed)
  • 1×Arduino Nano ATmega328
  • 1×Arduino Nano I/O shield
  • 1×USB-A to Mini-USB cable (power and programming)
  • 1×Ultrasonic sensor (HC-SR04)
  • 1×Mini-buzzer
  • 5×Female/Female jumper wires (100mm)
  • 2×Female/Female jumper wires (180mm)
  • 1×AA battery holder (batteries not included)
  • 1×Phillips screwdriver

Visit the project’s website for user guides, code examples, community forums, and project ideas!

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2 x 2 x 3 inches

Item Weight

4 ounces




4 AA batteries required.

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