Get Started With ESP8266 Using AT Commands, NodeMCU, Or Arduino!

A comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on getting you started with the wonderful and ubiquitous ESP8266 SoC. Get ready for connecting your electronic projects to the internet by adding this easy-to-use, inexpensive chip: This Instructable will show you the steps needed to get started with the ESP8266 using a fantastic little development board for the ESP-12E module. […]

The Glowtrooper: An Interactive Stormtrooper Helmet

We may have a new favorite DIY project to showcase our geek-love for Star Wars.  User hunburry on Instructables designed a lamp comprised by a 3d-printed stormtrooper help that sits on a color light bulb that can be controlled wirelessly.  The bulb and fixture sit inside a handcrafted enclosure, and they fit nicely inside the stormtrooper helmet.  […]

Beautiful LED Lanterns Using Mason Jars

We found a great project on Instructables for putting to good use those mason jars sitting idle on your shelves!  In this easy 3D printing project, we’ll build glowing mason jar lanterns containing a simple LED and battery circuit. Download my file or build your own custom lid using the Glow Circuit Assembly in Tinkercad, which […]

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