The Glowtrooper: An Interactive Stormtrooper Helmet

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We may have a new favorite DIY project to showcase our geek-love for Star Wars.  User hunburry on Instructables designed a lamp comprised by a 3d-printed stormtrooper help that sits on a color light bulb that can be controlled wirelessly.  The bulb and fixture sit inside a handcrafted enclosure, and they fit nicely inside the stormtrooper helmet. 

Today I’ve got you guys a quick instructable on how to build an interactive Star Wars Stormtrooper Lamp, complete with multi-color lights and a functional 8-trigger soundboard. Hope all the instructions are easy to read and use, and hopefully you guys enjoy the project. If there any difficulties, questions, or comments, just let me know!

Head over to Instructables to find out more!

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