RGB LED Strips for Easy Light Decorations

These flexi-strips are without a doubt the most convenient, cost-effective option for using the WS2812 RGB LEDs in any lighting project. They can be easily cut down to a 1-LED piece, or interconnected to form a lengthy, continuous strip. Each strip includes a 3-Pin JST connector Male/Female pair, and silicone end caps that tightly seal the IP65 waterproof rated strip. Each WS2812 on the strip includes 3 super bright LEDs (Red, Green, and Blue) and an embedded driver circuit (WS2811) that only requires one data input to control the brightness and color of the 3 LEDs.

Work in progress: Tutorials and Learning Resources

While we wait for the Smart Citizen boards to be manufactured and assembled, we are taking some time to work on other projects. Atop the endless list of things we'd like to get done is our tutorials page. While we get everything to our liking on our site, we are using the awesome platform Instructables.com for hosting the documentation. For instance, we made a guide for how to use the RGB LED WS2812 breakout boards for adding smart LEDs to any project with minimal hassle (http://www.instructables.com/id/Best-RGB-LEDs-for-any-project-WS2812/).

We’ve been crowdfunded!

Our very first Kickstarter campaign has ended and we are one happy team! We've achieved our funding goal (and then some (:-) to continue developing the Smart Citizen Kit. We want to express our immense gratitude to our supporters, and get to work right away for fulfilling the rewards in a timely manner. This goes beyond the funding; when a few of us we embarked on this adventure 3 years ago with a couple of Arduinos and a $500 budget, it was impossible to imagine that we would build something that people would embrace as you have!

Kickstarter-ing the Smart Citizen Kit

Through a collaboration with Fab Lab Barcelona, we've put together our first Kickstarter campaign. The awesome folks from Kickstarter have reviewed and approved our proposed project, so the campaign is now live and kicking! Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 to continue the full-scale production of the hardware for the Smart Citizen project, as well as further develop the online, data-visualization platform, and finish the enclosure and mobile app.

Ready for takeoff: Acrobotic officially launches!

It's official (we have all the paperwork to prove it (:-)! After a couple of months of planning, we can finally announce that Acrobotic Industries LLC is open for business! For now, you can meet our tiny-but-hardworking team. Don't forget to check back from time to time to see what neat devices we've been crafting in our shop. We are avid social medialites (is that even a word?), so feel encouraged to follow us on any of the social networking platforms listed at the top of the page. Amidst a whirl of emotions, we set sail for the first time on the 'startup sea'. Wish us luck while we undertake this exciting new venture!

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